In a populous market,achieving a hook means getting the right message to the right people– in print, face-to-face and online. It means letting strategy, creativity and long-lasting client relationships have their part in advancing shared business goals.

Since our first project out in 2008,we have done some great work, worn our client’s hearts and built service  and resource capacity across the East African region. Our outdoor advertising department was launched in 2008 complete with an operational and creative wings in response to client demand for high-quality design.

In 2009 we  put in place a BTL department for experiential marketing and a digital communications department in 2014, that takes care of our clients’ web support and social media marketing needs.Our collective intent is simple: we deliver the best for our clients and are versatile to the core while at it.

So,whether you are a CEO with a vision to communicate ,an entrepreneur with an idea that deserves attention, or an in-house marketing director looking for a thoughtful and experienced partner, Horizon Media can help tell your story.


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